In front of the quantity of information resulting from multiple requests, we chose to divide spathfluor into two sections:

The first section, free access, intended for a larger audience makes it possible to discover the world of mineralogy and more particularly the gitology of fluorite. It provides a good base of knowledge, suitable to cause a future vocation of fluorite collector.

The second section is for fluorite lovers, scientifics or mineralogists who seek more d'informations. They got Valzergues book, or contributed to its drafting even to the construction of the site, by giving photos, texts, and all the informations we can interate to the site.

In this second part however, efforts have been done to give clear and simplified technical informations that could be easily understood by all readers and help them to get the taste to ever learn more amazing details about their mineral-passion...

If you recognize yourselves in the second category, thank you to contact

Etienne Guillou Gotkovsky

in order to get the access code, thank you for your understanding