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Born in 1965, Etienne Guillou-Gotkovsky is a lover of mineralogy since his youth. Physicochemist, biologist and biochemist, he studies crystallography and he approaches geology during its studies. He passes through the ground without worrying about the result of its mineralogical research, but by appreciating largely what was the work of the minors, while turning over on their steps.

The mine of fluorite of Valzergues will become quickly a place that he will appreciate, and where he will discover the fluorite  a few years later. Having a collection without a reference to the mining life, it is not conceivable for him. So, he decides to write a book that he wants the most complete possible on this mine known by the collectors from the whole world. In his book, he gathers a great number of information  affordable for the largest part of people.

The scattering of the various documents and the last witnesses disappearance of one time contribute to the death of an inheritance that we just start to explore and that we should not forget.


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