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In this heading works are presented in which the fluorite is approached in a considerable way. Thus you will not find the references of some (excellent) mineralogical guides because the fluorite is treated only on one page.

On the other hand, of the works in which it is question of gitology, particular crystallizations of fluorite, or mineralogical associations... appear in this list.

Few works are presented here, and this heading only requires to develop. Do not hesitate to subject your ideas...




R.F.Symes and B.Young

Paperback: c228 pages colour and b/w illustrations throughout
Co-published with: The Natural History Museum, London
Publication date: 27 May 2008
ISBN 10: 1905267019
ISBN 13: 9781905267019
Dimensions: 275 x 215mm

Disponibility : le Règne Mineral


National Museums Scotland

Northern England has long been famous for the great diversity of its mineral deposits and for the variety and beauty of minerals found within them. The region has yielded some of the world’s most spectacular specimens of fluorite, calcite, barite and witherite, together with countless fine examples of many other species. Northern England is remarkable for the comparative abundance of several minerals, first found here, but which remain great rarities elsewhere.
This book is unique in bringing together the geological context of the region's mineral deposits, the long and varied history of mining and the role of collectors and dealers, as an essential backdrop to a celebration of the minerals themselves. Richly illustrated with colour photographs of some of the finest specimens in the collections of the Natural History Museum, London, with additional images from the British Geological Survey, National Museums Scotland, Edinburgh, and other related organisations, this book is an important and beautiful work of reference which will appeal equally to geologists, mineralogists and anyone with an interest in the natural heritage of Northern England.




B. Cairncross & U. Bahmann

Famous mineral localities : The Erongo Mountains, Namibia.

Mineralogical Record - Vol. 37, n°5, September-October 2006

20,5 x 27,5 cm, 110 pages

Availability :: le Règne Mineral


The Mineralogical Record

This issue deals with Namibian locations. More than 15 pages are devoted to Erongo locations. You'll see green fluorites, which typical of the sites...



A guide to mineral localities

Guanghua Liu (2006)

21,5 x 30 cm, 366 p, colors photos, many localisation plans.

AAA Minerals AG - Switerland

ISBN : 3-033-0855-0

Availability :
AAA Minerals AG
Baarersrasse 10
CH-6300 Zug

or Le Regne Minéral

It is unmistakably THE reference book on the Chinese mineralogy. All the deposits are described, accompanied with a very complete iconography. So, for each of them, we can know the paragenesis and so identify easily the specimens which come from it.
A fluorite fanatic must have this work in his library even if the other minerals are described there!

Author :

web site :




November/December 2004
Volume 79
Number 6


Northern Pennines Orefield, England.Fluorite from the Northern Pennines Orefield, England
Jesse Fisher
Properties of Fluorite from the North Pennines, England
Jesse Fisher

How to recognize English fluorites and how to know about their locations. Superb article written by Jesse Fisher.

Another article is about some of the properties of these fluorites...

You must have it!

Availability : Rocks and Minerals





Lapis n�7/8 (July-August 2004)

21 X 29,5 cm

Availabiliy: Le Règne Minéral, Christian Weise Verlag


35 pages are devoted to the mineralogy of the Mont-Blanc. Of course, fluorite is well represented!
It can be considered as a complementary litterature after the nearly out-of-print Mont-Blanc issue (published by Le Règne Minéral).






Extra-Lapis n�26/27 : Das aktuelle Mineralien-Paradies(2004)

ISSN 0945-8492
ISBN 3-921656-64-8

21 X 29,5 cm

Availabiliy: Le Règne Minéral, Christian Weise Verlag


Necessary to every collector because there are very few publications on the mineralogy of China. A 198 pages issue which allow us to determine the localities of so much minerals we can see in the shows.
Just nocice that fluorite is well represented, because you can find informations in the whole publication, and in a special 11 pages chapter, too.





Sweet Home Mine

Collective (1998)

Mineralogical Record - Vol. 29, n�4, July-August 1998

ISSN 0026-4628

20,5 X 27,5 cm, 192p

Availability : Review "Le Regne Mineral"


The Mineralogical Record

This number HS is devoted to the rhodochrosite of this famous mine which was exploited for its crystallizations. Fluorite was found there, which gives associations of any beauty...



Senouire, a mining valley between "La Chaise-Dieu" and "Paulhaguet" (Haute-Loire)

Christian Vialaron (2002)

21 X 29,5 cm, 215p, photographs N&B and colors, many plane.

Christian Vialaron
Rue E. Chatillon, 43450 Blesle - France

or Review "Le Regne Mineral"

215 pages of history, plans and descriptions of many exploitations of this superb valley. The fluorite was exploited there in a considerable way...



Minerals and Mines of the Vosgean Solid mass

Jean-Luc Hohl (1994)

Editions of the Rhine

23 X 23,5 cm, 271p, photographs colors.

Availability: Review "Le Regne Mineral"

ISBN 2.86.339096.1

Giromagny, Floor-the-Mines, Maxomchamp... as many localities which delivered superb samples, of which fluorites. Richly illustrated, this book is in the course of exhaustion...



The U.K. Newspaper of Mines & Minerals

n°23 - 2003

Availability: The U.K. Newspaper of Mines & Minerals

contact: Jean Spence

3 Oak Tree Road, Bawtry, Doncaster,
South Yorkshire, DN10 6LD, the U.K.
Such: 01302 710244

In this number, a very complete update of the data on the mine Rogerley (Frosterely, County of Durham, England) was made. Iillustrations as well on crystallizations, as on the mine...




Mineralogy of the Solid mass of Mont Blanc

Except Series V - The Mineral kingdom - 1999

Editions du Piat

21 X 30 cm, 78p, photographs colors, plans N&B, diagrams...

Availability: Review "Le Regne Mineral"


Out of the ordinary of reference because it treats solid mass which delivers octahedral of fluorite which is red the, pink ones... in partnership with smoked quartz... Beautiful printing.



Minerals of Northern England
The U.K. Newspaper of Mines & Minerals

n°22 - 2002

Superb review in which following areas
are treated:
West Cumbria, Lake District, Caldbeck Fells, North Pennines.

Many are the fluorites which occupy this volume.


Availability: The U.K. Newspaper of Mines & Minerals

contact: Jean Spence



The Uranium of two "private"
Pierre-Christian Guiollard & Gerard Milville

This remarkable work on the uranium of Saint-Pierre (Cantal), Jouac (High-Vieinne) and Bertholene (Aveyron) milked agalement different other research and exploitations from these two companies.

Thus, one will find 3 pages on the mine of fluorite of "the Coal-scuttle" (High-Vienna) with his iconography. No work currently treats of this ore deposit.
It will be also learned that "Bernardan"a delivered some fluorites...

To see the comment of Jean Feraud

ISBN: 2-913064-26-4

Availability and contact : Pierre-Christian Guiollard

Web site: PCG



Minerals of the Peak District
The U.K. Newspaper of Mines & Minerals


Availability: The U.K. Newspaper of Mines & Minerals

contact: Jean Spence



Vadim V Moroshkin & Nikolay I Frishman

Mineralogical Almanac, vol.4/2001
136 colors pages.

All the ore deposits of Dalnegorsk are described in this work: geology, mineralogy... etc are described with précison. Work in English. The determination of the sources of the fluorites will be largely facilitated with this work.


ISBN: 5-900395-28-6

Ocean Pictures Ltd.,
Box 368, moscow 103009 Russia


French distribution: Review "Le Regne Mineral"



Glossary of the Blast furnace
Jacques Corbion

4 volumes (4th edition) - 3442 pages,
3481 bibliographical reférences,

60 000 entries - 9 kg!

As each one knows it, the fluorite was component essential in metallurgical industry, and in particular its action was at the level of the Blast furnaces.
It is thus normal that this monumental work of Jacques Corbion appears in this bibliographical list, even is it is not a question directly of the fluorite...

Author to be contacted for all information, or order, with the seat of Association...
contact email of the author.


Association LE SAVOIR...FER
7 rue du Parc 57290 SEREMANGE-ERZANGE
Tel./fax: 03 82 58 03 71

More complete description on the site



Geology of the Northern Pennine Orefield
K.C. Dunham

2 tomes in 1 vol.

Department of Scientific and Industrial Research
Memoirs of the Geological Survey of Great-Britain
England and Wales
London : His Majesty's Stationery Office - 1948

Everything about geology of the Pennines - North of England. Plans, geology, history... Mines like Frazer Hush, Weardale...are described with details. A "must" for those who want to learn about this orefield.


London : His Majesty's Stationery Office - 1948



Bizarre Fluorite : Ätzfiguren und Auflösung

Paul Rustemeyer

Lapis n�12 (Dec. 2000)

ISSN 0176-1285

21 X 29,5 cm

Availability: Christian Weise Verlag


In this issue, you can find a 13 pages article about "strange" fluorite : dissolution figures and forms that are unusually found (from Elmwood mine to Hunan province). No more litterature seems available on this subject.


Les Gisements de Fluorite et de Barytine de Chaillac (Indre)

Hors Série X- Le Règne Minéral - 2004

Editions du Piat

21 x 30 cm, colors photos, maps...

Availability: Le Règne Minéral

The literature that retrieves itself to the minerals of Chaillac is as sporadic as the news that circulate with the collectors. Well that Alfred Lacroix mentioned in 1901 beautiful crystals of goethite, it’s necessary to wait the beginning of the eighties for that the other minerals at last are described. The recent works of geologists of Orléans University, reinforced by analysises renseign us enormously on the organisation and the position of the minerals within the different deposits. Chaillac is therefore a high place of the French mineralogy.

A lapse of memory, a new publication...? Contact



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